A New World Perspective

One Cup of Chai at a Time

A New World Perspective, One Cup of Chai at a Time

As we prepare to welcome our 2014 interns, here’s a little look back at the experience from one of our 2013 interns, Megan.

As the youngest Summer Fellow on the Ground Team, I came into this summer with a little bit of anxiety. Not just because of my age (I’m no baby, regardless of what anyone else on the team will say about my ability to spill half of my serving of sabji onto the table during lunch), but because of the various unknowns. I had never been anywhere outside of the western hemisphere, had just completed a semester abroad in Nicaragua where the culture is very different, and had never worked with an organization like Nanubhai before. Luckily, I had nothing to worry about; this summer was one of the greatest learning experiences I’ve ever had.

With a lot of changes and improvements happening at Nanubhai this year, I was lucky to be present to help contribute to this wonderful organization. I spent a lot of time this summer working on the Residential Teaching Fellows program – creating promotional materials and also worksheets and plans to make the program as seamless and sustainable as possible. I was forced to think outside of the box, and was fortunate to be a part of a team that was driven and encouraging, yet instructive. Any document that I finished would be looked over by my team members who would be quick to praise but constructively critique; thanks to them, my professional writing has improved immensely this summer and I have gained key skills. Professional writing, compromising, multitasking…the list goes on.

Working in a different cultural context with an American organization was interesting; I definitely am more accustomed to a fast-paced, competitive, New England-esque workplace. However, working in Kadod really gave me a different perspective – I realized sometimes it’s best to just take a breather and have some chai with friends. I already miss these chai breaks, stopping and visiting at students houses, and aimlessly walking around the village saying hello to everyone on the street.

Working with Nanubhai gave me a new world perspective and encouraged me to continue to learn about how I can contribute to making education possible for other students across the world and how to form meaningful relationships across the way.