Our New Website

One of the Many Things We’re Grateful For

So, hopefully if you’re reading this, you’re noticing that we have a beautiful new website. If you haven’t taken a look around yet, click on our logo at the top and start on the home page. We love our new website not only because its colorful and full of great images (much like India itself) but because its full of the information you need to understand Nanubhai and our work.

While the redesign has been in the works for quite awhile now, it became one of our major projects this summer and would never have been possible without the partnership and major donation from our support team at Sirkdot Innovations. Not only did they do all of the coding and a great deal of the design work, but they guided us to being on-level with (and we think better than) our NGO peers. And they made sure our new site is SEO optimized and all that tech stuff.

So now that we have a current, accurate website– check back in regularly. We’re renewing our dedication to regularly updating our blog, adding new content, and refreshing our photo galleries. And if you want the easiest way to keep up with our new content, like us on Facebook to get notifications in your newsfeed.

What do you think of our new website? We’d love to hear your thoughts!