As We Start Our Next Chapter

a few words of gratitude

A Note About Kadod

We want to say a few words about our first home, which was our first home as an organization. Nanubhai was founded because of ties to Kadod. Kadod High School was our first project site. We’ve worked with countless teachers there and taught thousands of students. Kadod as a school, and as a village, has welcomed nearly 40 Americans over the past ten years.

While we are excited to start this new chapter in the story of our organization in Bardoli, leaving such a genuinely kind and generous place like Kadod is never easy. We have treasured our partnership with Kadod High School (and we look forward to continued partnership with the Nanubhai Scholars program).

But Kadod is more than a school. It is a village of ten thousand people who have taken in a series of lost, confused, clueless, and overwhelmed but very excited Americans. The residents of Kadod have shown Nanubhai Fellows & employees exceptional hospitality. They’ve helped us learn the village, guided us home when we got lost, pulled us out of jams, cared for us when we were sick (curse you, weak American stomach), brought us food when we couldn’t cook for ourselves, smiled patiently while we slaughtered their language and praised us when we said the right thing. Bombarded us with thousands of “Hello, Ma’am! Ma’am how are you!” Asked about our health, learned about our families, helped us understand our mistakes, translated for us when necessary, and given us genuine insight into life in “real India.”

Basically, the people of Kadod have been true friends to Nanubhai—friends anyone in any culture would be lucky to have. I think its safe to say that they hadn’t taken us in, adopted us and looked out for our well being, I’m not sure any of us would have made it out of India alive.

What we really want to say to the people of Kadod is thank you. None of us will ever forget your kindness and we will always be grateful.

The good news is that Bardoli is only 16km away, so we you haven’t seen the last of us.


Some of our Friends

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