EmpowHER Circle


Who We Are

The EmpowHER Circle is a group of impact-oriented philanthropists from around the globe.

We are committed to EmpowHER and transform the lives of courageous, bright young women in rural India through college educations.

How We Started

In 2020 during the global pandemic we saw a surge of applications. NEF received over 700 applications.

Born out of the necessity to move Scholars from the waitlist, as Founding Members of The EmpowHER Circle, we wanted to make an impact. We wanted to create a sustainable fund for young women’s college educations in rural India. We wanted to EmpowHER deserving and qualified Scholars.

Join The Circle

We invite you to join a passionate group of philanthropists committed to transforming the lives of young women in rural India….

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Founding Members

With our deepest gratitude, we would like to acknowledge the generosity of our EmpowHER Circle:

We are so pleased to announce the founding members of the EmpowHER Circle

founding members of EmpowHER Circle Maya Patidar Sunil Gandhi Mohit Bhansali Dr. GV and Gita Raghu Meera Shenoy Prabhu Dr. Dignesh and Neha Chokshi Arun and Poornima Kumar Vikram Deepak Bakhru Hemant Vankawala Sherry DeLeon Amit Thakrar jameel Janjua Jai Shah Mihir Patel Anita Patel