How Nanubhai Works

A recent study found that only 10% of students in India have access to a university education. In the subset of indigenous girls, that number drops to 0.9%.

With our Nanubhai Scholars program, we’re empowering rural girls to change the numbers. To date we’ve distributed scholarship money to over 230 young women who have gone on to study in fields such as engineering, accounting, nursing, pre-med, computer science, education, and more.

In 2014, our pilot program awarded 11 scholarships to girls in rural Gujarat. In 2015, we awarded 36 scholarships in Gujarat as well as 4 one-time scholarship prizes in rural Rajasthan. By 2019, we had over 230 scholarships in both Gujarat and Rajasthan. Our ultimate goal is to support over a thousand scholarships across India annually. Donate today to help girls achieve their dreams tomorrow.

What makes our scholarships different? We search for bright, brave girls from rural communities who have the grades to go to college but not the financial support. We give them scholarships for the duration of their program and we become invested in their success. We offer support with extra tutoring once Scholars are in college, meet & greets for all Scholars and their families, soft skills workshops for Scholars nearing graduation, and, in the future, mentoring opportunities between Nanubhai Alumni, young female professionals, and current Scholars. We believe that once a Nanubhai Scholar, always a Nanubhai Scholar.

Interviews with Scholars