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Rachel Cooper is a former intern who wrote her master’s thesis on teacher absenteeism and accountability. She is based in DC and is a consultant for the World Bank.

Teacher Absenteeism and Accountability in Southern Rural Gujarat

Misba Pathan
Age: 13
Home: Kadod, TA. Bardoli, DI. Surat
School: Kadod High School, 8th Standard
Contact: 99-25397344

Teacher and students in Gujarati tribal school

I think that education is the most necessary part of our life. Education is an important part of
becoming something in a life. A person who is uneducated is like water in vessel, unaware of the
things happening in his surroundings.

This picture shows poor tribal students studying in Tadkeshwer, at Tadkeshwer Vibhag High
School, District – Mandvi. It proves that education is not only for rich children, but even poor
students have the right to study if they have support.

Many countries of the world are doing work in this field, including the Indian government. Our
government has started free classes and education camps for children and adults who cannot go
to school. In this way, the government educates tribal and backward students because this is the
only way to help any country progress. In short, education is the only way to survive this quickly
evolving world, because only an educated person can face any difficult situation.

My dream is to be a doctor, but first I want to work for backward and tribal students to educate
them. Only through education of all people can India succeed and bring new hope for society.

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