One Starbucks Run per Week OR College Tuition for Rural Girls

(An easy answer)

Let’s Talk About Donor Impact

Thank you from Vaishali

There are a lot of ways to give to Nanubhai—you can donate online, you can mail us a check, you can donate stock. You can run a 10K to raise funds, you can designate Nanubhai as your philanthropic partner for an event, you can attend our Gala. You can give cash to a Board Member. You can play guitar, keyboard or ten gallon buckets in the subway for spare change.

And when you do give to Nanubhai, you can be sure of three things:

  1. Our genuine gratitude for your support of our mission
  2. 100% of your donation will be used solely for programming
  3. That our programs (and thus, you as a supporter) change lives for the better

What kind of change? For what kind of money? Let’s look at an example.

One of our favorite options is the $25 monthly donation. Remarkably easy to set up, easy to plan for ($25 a month is hardly anything any more), but so incredibly impactful.

Why? Because that easy $25 adds up to $300 per year. And What can $300 do in India? A lot. In fact, exactly, it covers:

3 entire scholarships to government/state colleges (no dorm scholarship required)


70% of a fourth tuition/dorm scholarship.

That small donation of $25 a month impacts the lives of 4 girls.

The education they receive with the assistance of their scholarships impacts the lives of everyone in their family.

We’re not really exaggerating when we call our monthly donors heroes. They’re our personal heroes and fairy godparents to 12 of our favorite human beings.

So during giving season, during tax-deduction season, think about that $25/month option and become someone’s hero.

We give our Scholars a brief survey each semester to help us keep up to date with their needs. Here is what Karishma had to say about her first semester at college:

karishma answer